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charliecharliebobarlie fragte:

Hi there! May I know what's your secret (conditioning exercises) to achieve a shoulder mount? I'm dying to get it

The only way I conditioned was literally, by trying to do it. Every time I poled, I would try it about 3/5 times on each side. (this also helped my shoulder (traps) get used to the pressure of the pole, which is probably the hardest part, because it is fairly uncomfortable, if not down right painful. In the beginning, i just tried to get my knees to my chest and later to my ears. Just like you do when you are conditioning for a normal inverted mount, with the pole between your armpit and hip in front of the pole. then i gradually tried to get my legs higher and higher. now i am to the point where i can practice extending my legs making it more into an inverted straddle.  From here I will try to increase the amount of time I can hold it, allowing my body to slowly increase strength. I would like to point out that I always put more emphasis on correct form and making my movements as slow and controlled as possible, as opposed to only focusing how high up i could get my legs. I believe this, in combination with listening to my body and respecting its limits, is what allowed me to develop the correct muscles for it, allowing me to achieve it in a fairly short amount of time. You should def, take some progress photos/ videos and send them my way! i love to see how others are coming along in their pole journey! good luck! :) 

12.01. 2013

I did a shoulder mount for the first time today. It wasn’t as painful as I thought it would be. I was doing the conditioning exercises for it, and thought I’d give it a go, and it worked! so, i guess next time I will concentrate on keeping my legs straight in the straddle in addition to keeping it slow and controlled. 

I wanted to record before now, but haven’t because I wanted to get my room in order first. but it is looking like it will take a while until then, and i dont want to go all of that time without monitoring my progress. 


After 3 terrible weeks of inactivity, i finally have my pole up in my new room!! 

I felt so weak today, but i am grateful for the feeling of tired muscles and i hope they are really sore tomorrow just so i can get that feeling of extreme satisfaction of having danced today. :p im hoping i can jump back into the swing of things and maybe work on some more combos soon. 

as soon as my room is presentable and i have enough room to truly dance, i will start videoing again and measuring my progress. in the meantime i will simply focus on flexibility and strength training. :p 

yeah cause the gif version looks cooler. :p

Next time I am going to work on getting up into butterfly at the end. Which, by the time i get to the end, i have like zero momentum left and have to rely completely on strength. yeah i didnt expect that. hence, my silly expression at the end of the spin. haha :) 

Once i have the whole movement down i will give it a little more oomph. 

lol, this is for you, and yes, you know who you are. like i said, give me a few months. :p 

Teddy- Was extremely painful, and i have lots of nice new bruises to my collection. :p I could literally only hold it for like, a 100th of a second, before my poor abused arm couldn’t take it anymore. 

I havent danced in a while. I have been working lots on flexibility. :) the last time i danced i discovered superman and decided to give it a go today. the gif speeds it up but i was actually able to hold it for a few seconds, which was quite painful, i must say. 

i entered from a side v and will try out a different entry method next time i am able to dance. 

09 28 2013

Today I was not feeling so graceful. I practiced Butterfly, flatline scorpio, and worked more on roxy and rockstar spin. My goal is to be able to use them in a freestyle within 2 months. lol, we’ll see how far i get. 

I am starting to gain more coordination and strength on my left side. 

I started playing with more conbos, trying whatever came natural. 

Somehow I accidently ended up in superman. lol. So I guess that will be the next move I work on. Just like almost every other new move. It was painful. and I expect bruises tomorrow. 


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